Friday, January 7, 2011

We're NOT goin home!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's the plan.  Mom is going to make a 5 foot cut out of a stuck figure and I'm going to name him Murphy.  Murphy will be on our hospital room door and on our facebook profile.  We want everyone to throw as much crap at Murphay as you can and tell him that MOM has declaired martial Law in 5C16 and I am running his ass outta town, TONIGHT!

All Packed and ready to go...transport was outside the door, the car half loaded, ate breakfast and ready to roll.
and then......

Moooommyyyyyy. I think a bug bit me on my arm a lot of times?  
No honey, there are no bugs in the hospital.
Yes, there are....Look!......
Oooohhhhhh NNNooooooo.
That's not bug bites Sage.  Call the nurse.
The rash is back :*(

I told our CF Doc that it was too easy.  It's NEVER that easy for us.
We live by Murphy's Law.  That's why we hope for the best, but realistically plan for the worst.
That's just the way it's always been.
So, the nurse called the rest of the team.  Everyone came in, and almost in unison, they all looked up at me with the saddest frowney faces I have ever seen  :-{
" I am so sorry" our Doc said.
Unpacking? said Mommy
The frowney faces actually got even frowneyier.
Thanks Murphy.
Our New Door Decorations on 5C16. The nurses should have a field day with this one.
  The New-New Plan:  Go to sleep.  Take lots of blood tests in the morning. Start another 3 day burst of steroids.  Stay in the hospital.  Wait out the rash.  Monday or Tuesday re-start the IV medicine that we "thought" was giving him the rash, but apparently was not the culprit.  Get an opinion from allergy and Infectious Diseases guys over the weekend.  AFB Battle Continues.....Round 3....FIGHT!
xoxo Mommy

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