Sunday, January 9, 2011

Round III: it's about to get tricky.

red cheeks from all the drugs
No pain, No Gain
Although Sage was in no blood or guts spilled...we also did not progress towards going home.
Sage feels fine, so that's always a plus.  He is the only kid "not sick" in here.  We are blessed.
The plan is to start him Back on the other IV that we thought was the problem and thought caused the rash...Cefoxitin.  Mom has a bad feeling about this. If all goes by the book and no problems, we could be outta here on Friday with home IV's.  By now, we all know what that means....Murphy.

So, in the mean time we enjoyed the visit from Daddy and Ellie.  I VERY MUCH needed a night off, and I missed Ellie SO MUCH.  We needed a mommy and Ellie night.  We busted out of the hospital, got a room at Embassy Suites, went out to a really good Chinese buffet dinner, and had a great girl's hotel a big fluffy bed.  Of course, I am allergic to down and guess what?  All the pillows had feathers everywhere. So Mom had no pillows.  Murphy again...really?

Daddy noticed that Sage was having difficulty breathing when exercising, is coughing more during treatments, ever since his bronchoscopy.  This may be a sign of not good lung happenings, but nothing to eminently fear.
He still LOVES kickball in the hallway!
Sage, Kick-ballin in the elevator Lobby

Sittin on my window ledge...bored, literally climbing the walls.
Give him something that can be jumped off of, and he will!
Tomorrow brings the cefoxitin IV (added to the amakacin he is already on), picc line dressing change (dreaded tegaderm tape removal), another CBC for signs of organ problems getting worse or better.  Snow and ice is forcasted for tomorrow...I have a feeling that things will get tricky on many different levels.  Fingers crossed and wish us luck.
I miss Ellie  :*(  Happy snow day love <3
xoxo  Mommy


  1. What types of activities do they have available to keep him busy during the day since he is so active? Just curious b/c I am always looking for more suggestions for our local one. Sage you be good and stop scaring your mom, okay?

  2. Danielle, I'm glad that you and Ellie had a good "girls" night out. I'm sure that Ellie misses you very much, too. Hope all goes well with Super Sage and his meds.I also hope that the "torture" tape doesn't hurt tooooooo much.
    Luv ya! Tell Super Dad that he did a good job on the blog.