Monday, January 10, 2011

Update 1/10/11

Short update because not much happened today.
Sage's kidneys are not holding up again...seems like one step forward 2 steps back.
Sage's Liver function is not good, but stabilized on the new Meds (Urisdiol).
His allergy numbers went up, indicating an increased allergic reaction...but we gave him no new medicines to cause this.  Strange.  Head of allergy was in and wants Sage to be completely stable and decreasing in his allergy tests before the Docs start back the Cefoxitin (the Iv that they thought initially was the cause of the Dress rash).  So...we wait...again.  Did not start the cefoxitin today, and since the allergy levels in his blood went up, it will be 2 days at least before we can move forward.  Then, at least several days on the 2 IV's with no reaction (which I doubt will happen), before we can go home.
On the plus side, Sage has gained 4.6 POUNDS since we were admitted last week.  Dare I say he is looking "chubby"!!!!!!  For a CF Dude, that's a miracle, and a really good thing.  The secret?  Feed him French Fries, Cheeseburgers, late night roast beef and PB&J with chips...all at will.  Oh, and can't forget the new M&M dispenser and the bag of Lindt truffles he is blowing through.  If he ate like this at home, we would not have a home! Ahhh, room service.  :-)
Also, his school finally dropped him as a student and allowed him to enroll in Hospital School (an actual accredited public school here in the hospital) that way his attendance will still be good.  Carolina Beach will save his spot in class and he will re-enroll when we get outta here.

No Blood, No Guts, No Progress.  I will update tomorrow, as always.
Maybe tonight I will create a penguin arm...

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xoxo  Bored Girl Scout Leader Mommy

Sage catching up on his schoolwork

Sage, not interested in doing any more schoolwork

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