Saturday, January 8, 2011

Special Guest Writer....Daddy

It was bound to happen, even a Super Mom needs a break...enter in Super Daddy.  No stranger to hospital CF life himself, Daddy should fill in sufficiently for Mom, although granted, Daddy is a little more scruffy looking.  It is also apparent that I have large literary shoes to fill in writing on Mom's blog, but alas I digress.

After a week without Mom and Sage, and with Nana and Pop Pop lending 'Ellie watching' duties while I was at work, Ellie and I made the 3 hour drive to UNC to find Sage like we left him, cute, loud, crazy, and playing video games - just as I was hoping to find to him, and Mom no worse for where, because she is Super Mom after all. 
 After a slight tap on the Mom painted Spider Man window - still left over from Sage's last stay, Sage saw Daddy through the pane and cheered!  After many forced Daddy hugs, which Sage reluctantly gave because I was interrupting his game, we began to settle in. 

I finally convinced Mom to leave, so she could start her short but needed break.  Taking Ellie in tow for some quality Mom and daughter time, they finally headed to the hotel.

What I first noticed after not seeing Sage for a week is his face.  It's slightly chubby.  Which if you know anything about CF is a great thing to see.  Typically when a CF child, or adult for that matter, gets admitted there is a weight loss  Not in this case.   As with his last admit into UNC a couple weeks ago, Sage has gained 4 POUNDS since Monday!!! 

Rare AFB bug, kidney problems, liver failing, who cares, bring on the GRUB!!!  As a typical Louviere, Sage is all about the food.  It's nice to see some family traditions stay alive no matter what adversities are faced.  His face was also not as red as I was expecting it to be.  However, I'm told a couple hours after he receives his steroids that he does go strawberry again.

We are now in the phase of subtracting some drugs, and adding others.  It's not a fun game to see played on your child, but I guess is a necessarry evil to kill this bug and get him home.  However one look around the hospital ward, seeing what other families are going through, and the severity of their situation, it does put things into perspective.

Did I mention we also had a surprise visit from Sage's favorite nurse Scott.  After a 12 hour shift he stopped in to say hi, and see what how he is doing.  That's why we love UNC, the nurses actually care.

So tonight we will have more Sage and Daddy hugs...(whether he wants them or not :-).  We will watch cartoons ( it would be the Saints game, but I can't emotionally watch Seattle keep beating our defense on the deep ball....Geaux Saints!!), and we will count the days until I can hopefully take my son home for good. 

He doesn't know it, but I will watch him sleep, praying for a better tomorrow.



  1. Thanks for the update, Super Dad. We all keep praying. Kisses to everyone. Aunt Carol

  2. Great job, Super Dad! I am still praying. Sage is so fortunate to have 2 loving parents. You and Danielle are fortunate to have such a wonderful son! The strength that you all have in such trying times is inspiring. Much love to you all, Janice.

  3. Hey Jason. Greetings from Lafayette. You are a great alternate blogger if I do say so myself. Way to go DAD. James was just talking about you this morning because your best friend from high school is featured in the Sunday Advertiser under the Jobs&Money section. Geffery Lajaunie about his job and passion for comics at Books, Too store. Ring a bell? Maybe you can see the article on Glad you gave Danielle a well deserved break. I'm sure you miss Sage immensely and this trip is bittersweet for you. We continue to pray that Sage gets to go home very very soon. Take Care, Angela, James, and Girls in LA

  4. Great Job on Blogging, Danielle & Jason as guest blogger. Hope they find the right combo of antibiotics to get Sage home soon. Much Love to you all.