Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goin Home, on a wing and a prayer

It's final.  Barring any total disasters removing Sage's picc line out of his heart (no, that's not dangerous, haha), we will be on our way home by 11am tomorrow, 1/13/11.

Is it weird to say I will kinda miss this place?  I will miss Room Service and mastering the art of chopsticks with every meal (because I can)...The little girl down the hall who has been here for 5 months waiting on a bone marrow transplant who will finally be moving to the cancer center because her mom is a match (yea!)....the teenager with CF next door who has been in and out since Thanksgiving like us who plays guitar all night long....The 20+ nurses that always laugh at Sage's endless shenanigans and put up with the screaming laughter that you can hear all the way down the hall....Mr Potato Head desk manager guy calling Sage Dr. Love....1am IV's and 6am blood draws....even the Spiderman that Mom painted on the window well before Christmas at 2am because Sage was too nervous about the next day's procedures to fall asleep. For all the sadness of very sick children, there are just as many stories of hope, faith, and heroism from the tiniest of hearts,  who have the souls of the bravest warriors.  We are among Kings and Queens here in 5 Childrens, and we are honored to have left our mark here. 

Yup, I will miss it all.  It's been our home for a while.
This experience will make it easier to come back.
With CF, we WILL be back.
Let's just hope it's not too soon.

 I have missed my family being all together. I think we will be turning over a new leaf of peace and harmony at our house.  I don't know about everyone else, but i know I appreciate the little things of home a lot more.
I miss my Ellie the most of all <3
These will be our last phots from Round III, 5C16.
We will update when there is new news.  Now, We wait......

xoxo  Mommy


  1. So glad that you guys get to go home. Having a hospital that you like? It makes it a little easier when the time is needed to come back. Courtney has been club med free for 2 years yeah but I know if she had to go back it would be easier cause we love all the nurses just sucks that we aren't close to home. Love the pics.

  2. It's 10 a.m. on thursday, and hopefully you and Sage are all ready to escape. I'm sure that Ellie can't wait for her Mom to come home. Tell Sage that we are all very proud of how brave he has been, but after all....He is SUPER SAGE!!! Luv you guys.
    Aunt Carol

  3. PRAISE GOD! Homeward Bound here we come!! yes, I can certainly understand what you mean about the "little things" that make life feel so grand. I am feeling that this week and can relate to you. Sage is my HERO and Danielle you are my mentor to be a better mom. God bless you both. Angela in Louisiana. p.s. your picture of today looks like a picture of HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. really a great photo of the both of you.