Wednesday, January 5, 2011

round II, short update

I am tired, so this will be short. 
Sage's bronchoscopy culture will be growing some, yet unknown, gram negative bacteria.  We will know what it is tomorrow.  This could be bad, or not so pray and cross your fingers.  His full bronch results won't be known until Friday.  Even 6 weeks later, afb (abcessus) still may grow out of this bronch culture.  That's only one aspect that totally sucks about this abcessus. 

And, as Sage pointed out, it's facing the proper direction and easier to use.  Smart Kid.
Sage's New PICC line, looks much nicer than the old one.

 Today Sage got to play in the playroom.  He got his 24 hour picc dressing change and the site looks great.  The tegaderm tape was again dreaded, but Sage has the removal down to a science with the tape remover, so it could be worse like it was at the beginning. 

Tonight he needs to get 2 "blood shots" (lab blood draws) to see if the Amikacin levels are correct and killing the bacterias, but not killing his kidneys.  We will know results in 2-3 days, so Friday.  Friday will be a big results day.  Toys are in order for this many pokes in one night  :-D

As always, Sage is OK and is having fun playing "Action Heros" with his reflection in the window  :-)

Dinner with blankie and JellyBean   
Tomorrow, some lab results, we re-start his oral clarithromyacin (which he now has to be on for LIFE as a result of this infection), and lots of hope and prayers for no BAD bugs...this time around.  Sage could use a bit of good luck.  We tried kickin Murphey out, but he is always bangin on the door, givin me a headache. If you see him, tell him Mom has declared martial law in the land of 5C16.

xoxo Mommy

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