Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5C15, Day 3...all fun, no pain!

WWWeeeeEEeEeeeee!  That's the sound of Sage climbing the walls  :-D  Today was quite possibly the best hospital day ever!

But first, the technicalities:
Sage had some "baseline" blood-work done when we arrived to the hospital, before we started the antibiotics to get his levels.  The results were indicative of Sage having the early signs of Kidney failure.  The levels were not shockingly bad, but any organ failure added to the "lung stuff" just makes life complicated.  Being overprotective and wanting to be sure, I requested another blood draw for tomorrow to confirm the diagnosis.  The plan is to keep the current plan.  Keep a watchful eye on it, and if his levels get worse showing signs of increased kidney failure while on his multiple antibiotics...well....there are some options.  So, I think I'll just wait to deal with that when the time comes. 
One thing at a time. 
On the other hand, so far there are some minimal complications with the actual antibiotics, and Sage is doing WAY better than his Docs ever expected.  Suspiciously good.   That means one of two things.  1. He is Superman and we are getting outta here 1st thing this Friday to head home for his 6+ week IV regimen.  OR 2. The antibiotic blood levels are way too low (causing a lot less aide effects than anticipated).  If that's the case, they will increase the antibiotics,  which will likely increase the physical side effects.  Then, all bets are off and we will need to stay in club med and extra 2-5 days at the very least to straighten out his optimum blood antibiotic levels at the increased dosage.

I am putting my bet on the Super-Sage option, and clicking my heals 3 times....There's no place like home.

Flyin' Screamin' Slingshot-Parachute Monkey  AAwww yeah!
On the bright side, Sage had the absolute fun-est, most awesome day in the hospital, e-v-e-r!  No pain today~!  No tape! No blood draws, no dressing it was all fun and games, literally.  Mommy found the most awesom-ist toy ever, and just knew that it would bring massive amounts of joy...It's a flying-slingshot-parachute-stuffed-monkey.  (Louv is gonna KILL me for giving him this)  Monkey has gotten launched at every Nurse and Physical Therapist on the floor.  This monkey...omg...I just can't put it into words  :-)  The slingshot rubber-bands are built into his arms for maximum launching distance.  Did I mention that it "screams" as he is being sling-shot-ed through the air?  Aw Yeah!  That's the best part!   :-P

Nurse Dude Scott  :-)

Sage also made a guy-buddy...nursing student Scott was Sage's "care-giver" today.  Scott loved Spiderman, and at one time he was a small role Broadway actor.  Boy did Sage attach to him.  Scot was a "cool dude".  He took Sage for his hearing test on the other side of the hospital...then they went up to the playroom and played Tony Hawk Skateboarding on the Xbox for TWO WHOLE HOURS...then he came in and hung out playing Flying Monkey Madness for another hour.  Sage found a friend.
He really needed a friend.  
Scott had no idea that when he came to work today he was going to meet Sage and have a little dude friend for life  :-)  Scott came into our room before he left and told Sage that he may not see him for a long while, but he was the coolest kid- EVER and was so lucky to get to play video games with him!  Sage gave him a big hug then sadly said goodbye.  The door closed behind him and Sage immediately turns to me with teary eyes welling up, Sage says....  I miss Scott already.  :*(   So Sage colored him a Spiderman and made it into a card for him to get on his next Pediatric Wednesday.  Scott was incredible.  

People like Scott make the world a better place.
Plus, he gave mom a 2 hour sanity break, alone, in peace and quiet.....priceless.

After a game of Superhero Squad Memory with the play room volunteer, then Chocolate iced double chunk brownie treats, Sage then skyped (video-cam chat) with Daddy and Ellie...said goodnight... and ended his day with lots of hugs and kisses.  A perfect ending to a perfect day...well, as perfect as it's gonna get for us anyway.  I'll take it as it comes.

Today in Childrens 5C15,  it was all loud laughter, goofin off, big chocolate smiles, 
and only happy tears with new friends :-)

Tomorrow we find out if we can go home.......
xoxo  Mommy


  1. Yeah! Glad he can have some fun in there!!
    Is the kidney stuff a side effect of the antibiotics? That's scary! Please keep us posted. Still praying for you guys!

  2. I'm crossing fingers and toes for the trip home tomorrow. Time to get on w/the business of the holiday. I still didn't get all of my christmas shopping done. Thank goodness for Walgreens open at midnight on Christmas Eve.

  3. What? I love flying monkeys. Especially those shot by another Monkey named Sage.

    Love Dad and Ellie

  4. Glad that you are in a FUN HOSPITAL with cool dudes. I love the flying monkey!!!! Kisses to Sage and Mommy.

  5. So enjoyed reading your ENTIRE blog about your journey. Tell Sage I missed him in PE today for target throwing with Frisbees - he's a dynamo in class. I'd LOVE to see the monkey in action!
    Coach Bellamy

  6. Hey Sage. Greetings from Louisiana. I don't normally blog, but for you ...WHY NOT?? :o) I think of you every time my husband wears your "Sage" t-shirt that we got from your grandmother when you were a baby. Yes, the t-shirt is that old and Mr. James still wears it. Ha! Ha! Dude, you make staying in the hospital a BREEZE. As the Saints down here say in Cajun Country..."Easy Breesy". Ha! Ha! I know..I will probably tell your Mom "WHO DAT?". My husband, James, and my daughters are actually your cousins. :o) My daughters enjoyed seeing you eat that big piece of chocolate cake in the photo. Stay strong like Spiderman so you can enjoy everything December has to offer this Christmas season. Hugs from LA, James, Angela, Victoria age 10, Alayna & Makayla age 7.

  7. Nannie's little are my hero. I am so glad to hear you had a great, fun day. Make sure you nail your daddy with the flying monkey for me!!! Haha just tell daddy I told u to do it!
    I miss u sooooo much, we are praying you and mom get to go home soon! We love you!!!!!

    Lots of hugs and kisses!! Nannie, Mallory & Nick

  8. Homeward bound today! That is wonderful news. I am so glad Sage enjoyed his stay. Looks like he was having lots of fun. Janice Richard