Thursday, December 2, 2010

5C15 and the idea of a ticket home?

We are STILL waiting on Sage's blood concentration of his antibiotics that were taken 2 days ago...waiting...and waiting.  Sage's night nurse is calling the resident, to call the lab, to find out what's going on.  I am reluctantly clearing our shelves into our suitcase and getting ready.  Hoping that positive thoughts will relay into a one way ticket back to Carolina Beach. 

new picc cover, maybe less tape pain?
Sage needed to have the PICC dressing changed tonight. For those of you that are not familiar, its covered with a high bond clear tape cover, about 4"x4".  It's the ever dreaded Tegaderm.  It hurts really bad when it comes off. I t feels like its burning and peeling the top layers of skin off with the tape.  After a long heart to heart nursing consult from mommy, she remembered the "sensitive skin" PICC line cover, I forgot what it's called...not Tegaderm!  We'll try anything to not put Sage through that kind of pain every 3 days at home.  We'll see at his next change on Sunday if this change is any better.  Special treat for Tegaderm pain....unlimited M&M's and hugs  :*(

Welp...the nurse just came back.  The Amicacin antibiotic levels went to an outside lab for testing and they are not back yet. This is unheard of to be delayed 3 days.  Not sure what to I won't think at all.  Just hope.  The Docs will round in the morning, but if the levels aren't back by 2p, then we are here at least 1 extra day.  I am packing up one suitcase anyway.  Again, wishful thinking sometimes makes wishes come true.  On a side note, when we were admitted it was 70 degrees and we packed some tanks and  pants, a few long sleeves and necessities.  Someone told me today that it is not getting out of the 40's today!!!!  It's going to SNOW tomorrow night??!!  I swear, I am not a bad mom for not bringing coats.  Hahaha!

Play Room, Video game central
As for Sage, he counted down the minutes until the playroom opened up at 2pm, and he played Xbox Tony Hawk skateboarding for 2 hours...hmmmm, I think Santa better get to know Tony  :-)
mesmerized by Tony Hawk

Sage has gained 2.5 pounds since being admitted (opposite of the expected side effects of the antibiotics) because the food is really really good here.  I Know!  Awesome, right?!  Tonights menu, Cripsy shrimp tempora sushi, cheeseburgers and waffle fries, fresh turkey and cheese with yogurt and fruit tray. That is just what we chose to eat...there were lots of crazy good possibilities.  Ok, so maybe I am not in such a rush to go offense honey  :-)  Your cooking is great, but this is brought to us and I clean nothing....for Freeeeeeeeeeeee!  On the flip side, the coffee really sucks.  blech.

 11pm: IV pump is beeping to be changed...switch IV's, Flush and heprin until 12:30am, add pics to this blog, then off to bed.  Up again at 6am sharp for nebulizers, Docs, vital signs then breakfast.  Hopefully tomorrow's nightly blog update will be written beachside. Sage doesn't want to go home.  He wants to stay until Wednesday to play with Scott again.  He really misses him.  Nurses are awesome.

Today I will leave you with some pics that made me smile today  :-D

xoxo  Mommy

Sage's very first Blankie who has been there...
through every single hospital stay  <3  True love.

Sage doing some "homework"
Doing Nebulizers....Slingin' Webs 


  1. Way to go Sage and Mom. Home stretch, here you come!!

  2. Sage your the bravest boy yet! Hugs. Your mom is pretty brave too!

  3. I think the time is really off on this blog, I posted at 8:52 and it says 5:52am! I would never be up that early (hahahah)

  4. I've spoken with Santa, and he is working on the Tony Hawk game.

  5. I have never been good with "time" lol I'll try to fix it. It never occurred to me to check about it :-P

  6. What a FUN looking hospital, but I bet Sage would rather go home.