Sunday, December 5, 2010

No fun, day seven @5C15

No fun photos today.  Sage still got to play in his beloved Playroom from 2-4, but the rest of the day has been filled with crapola.  He had to have a PICC dressing change.  The dreaded tape wasn't so bad because Mommy got to change it this time.  Bad news with that is that his PICC line is moving around...A LOT.  It';s going to far in, then too far out of his body.  He is so crazy active that nothing will secure it in place. This is a problem.  It means that there is increased risk of infection, lots of bleeding at the insertion site, and lots of Mom yelling at Sage to calm down...stop jumping off that thing...stay still....why Sage, oh Why are you upside down with the IV line around your head?.....

In other news Sage had 2 more blood draws today for another Peek and Trough of his Amikacin levels (I just learned today it is spelled with a K, not a C as I had thought).  The also took labs for his Kidney function (we wont have results until the end of the week).  This will have to be done every 3 days for the next 6 weeks at home. (No, I don't know how I will do that since there is not enough time between his IV dosages to get him to the lab to get the draw done, before his next IV).  I must be Super Woman with time warp abilities. Didn't you know? :-P

I am so ready to come home.
Early to bed for Sage tonight (9pm after meds) then Mom will pack up....counting on getting outta here after his am IV's that end at 1:00p tomorrow.
The Picc team has to come look at his line before we leave.  If it's really messed up that's the only way we would be held here...again.

Ok, so as soon as I said no pics, Sage grabbed the camera and wanted to show his favorite things  :-)  So in a day of Short tempers, tape, and needle sticks, we will leave with some of the things that make Sage feel home.....
xoxo  Mommy

All Sage's Favorite things, and our Penguin craft of the day  :-)

I guess Mommy is a favorite thing too  <3


  1. I love the center piece of spiderman and wolverine. Come home SOON, Daddy misses everyone.

  2. Sage did you take that picture of Mommy? It is really, really good. I think that you should have your own camera. I hope that you get to go home soon. Love, Aunt Carol