Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday, snowflakes

Day 3 in 6C08:  Uneventful.
No news is GREAT news!
We watched TV,  Sage got to go to the playroom, and played kickball all over the 6th floor, terrorizing the nurses in the hall.  The Raven's lost with 3 seconds left in the game with a Steeler's 42 yard field goal (Booo Hisss), Sage ate ALL day long, and his PICC site is starting to itch.  The antibiotics are making his heart "beat out of his chest, and make his body feel weird".  We took a nap because this antibiotic makes him seriously tired too, but that's a Mom bonus. Then we woke up, ate dinner, and made lots of paper snowflakes which now adorn our already festive room :-)

We should start getting Bronchoscopy culture results back tomorrow and Tuesday. If any more bugs grow out of those cultures, we will have to change or add antibiotics, which adds more time in patient with each new med they would add one at a time, with 3-5 days in between.  Tonight, Docs just started IV Benadryl,  to delay what they think is an inevitable IV reaction.  sigh.
Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
Hope is much stronger than preparation.
Today, life is good :-D
Pray.  xoxo

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