Monday, December 3, 2012

C608: Day 4, Crazy.

Today has been insane.
It started calm enough.  Had breakfast, Docs did rounds.  No info except some of Sage's cultures came back positive for gram positive normal flora, but huge quantities.  Normally they don't treat normal bacterias that are supposed to be there, but in this case the docs will consider it tomorrow.

Sage was asked to be a part of a hospital movie to help get grant funding for children's programs.  The studies will prevent kids from having to be stuck multiple times a day for necessary blood draws.  Sage HATES those.  Of course we said yes!  So Movie cameras, lights, equipment, and a staff all rolled up into 6C08 like gangbusters! It was lots of fun :-) Sage is a star <3 br="br">

THEN, he got asked to help paint the UNC cows that will be a semi-permanent part of the children's' hospital, then auctioned with the proceeds benefiting the Hospital School...which we LOVE!

THEN, he lost a tooth, the one next to the front on the right (your left)  Oh, I can hear the orthodontist now..... 

THEN,  after dinner....THIS.  Which may appear to be nothing, but is in fact the beginning of a rash starting on his PICC line arm.  It wasn't there 3 hours ago. And since we discovered it 2 hours ago, it has doubled in size. Ruling our contact dermatitis, I washed him up, changed his shirt.  Gave him a quick haircut (noticing his hair was in his eyes in the tooth pic above....I'm still a mom, hospital or not!).   Nurses will come in and check the progression or regression every 2 hours all night long.  Yes, we took the pic in the bathroom where the light is best.  Yes, that is our toilet.  Jealous?  LOL

But seriously, Progression is our game changer. Prayers tonight.

We decided to chill.  Eat some dessert, and admire Sage's Blue IV pole lights that Ellie gave him.  They are by far the coolest thing in the entire Children's hospital!  

So cool that we got in trouble by some hospital safety inspector, so the head nurse had to tell us to "hide them" during the day, until 5pm when those Grinches go home.  Ellie is awesome :-)
Love it.

Now, we wait.......

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  1. NOOOOO RAAASSSSHHHHHH!!!!! Sounds like you had a busy day! Hope tomorrow is better!