Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Floor, New Adventure. 6C08

The Changing of the Guard has occurred, so now is a good time to update.  First Installment in Chapter 6C08.

Backtrack: Sage has been coughing since the end of September.  After 4 rounds of multiple antibiotics, combo antibiotic coctails that gave him a bad allergic rash, and a flu-like illness, he's still coughing.  The Mrsa in his lungs has become resistant to one of the only oral antibiotics that could kill it.  This is what prompted our admission to UNC Children's hospital this time.  Funny how this goes in 365 day cycles.  We were here last year, and similiar timing the year before last.

I am starting to miss Christmas at home.  This year we got a real tree, and managed to get the lights up, and let Sage put the star on before we had to leave.  Hopefully Ellie and Louv will make the tree beautiful, before it dies.  Hopefully.  Turns out I am allergic to the damn thing anyway.  Gues we will be a fake tree family afterall.  But I digress.

Sage had a bronchoscopy on Friday, around 10am.  They saw some opaque secretions, which is a sign of something going on in there, but it didn't "look bad".
It never does.
The Bronch Doc did a full levage, when they clean out the inside of his lungs with salt water, then sucked all that nasty stuff out.  Then they let it grow on what must be 50 different petrie dishes, and see what happens.  No conclusive results yet, but we do know there are "gram positive rods" growing from the initial stain.  Those could be ANYTHING..... so it tells us nothing.  Real results from the fast growing bacteria will come in tomorrow, the other results will trickle in Monday and Tuesday.

Sage is allergic to Vancomycin, the main IV for MRSA, and it was part of the crazy DRESS reaction that almost turned out very very bad last time..... so we are trying a new one, Linezolid (or Zyvox) IV.  this one is every 8 hours, so even if we come home on this one, it will make my job a TON easier than the other options every 2-4 hours.  wwhheeww!  This is his 4th dose, and so far no rash, no bad side effects.  usually it takes 3 days for the bad stuff to start to happen.  so, we are enjoying the time we have feeling good.

So far, Sage got to go up to the playroom, eat everything in sight to his hearts content, got some homework done, and had good quality time with Dad.  For tomorrow, more playing, eating, homework, playroom, eating, medicines, eating, physical therapy, eating, and making Mom mad :-)

Mom's awesome dinner :-)

Sage's hospital room is a Christmas light show, including a tree and a Blue LED IV pole! Thanks Ellie, your the best!


  1. You are one tough little guy. No matter what you go through you always are smiling. Not many grown ups do that. You hang tough little buddy.
    Love Paw paw

  2. Hang in there little buddy! Love the lights! Keep us posted and here's praying for the Salt Water Cure!!