Friday, November 26, 2010

Club Med or Bust 11-30-2010

Happy Turkey day!  I hope everyone had a great meal and some great memories with their families over the weekend.  We had 55 people for a 5 course sit down dinner at my mom's in Baltimore.  We survived.  So, to press our luck, we did the traditional all nighter for Black Friday.  Spent $800....SAVED 1,650  :-) So we will have a great Christmas this year...wooohoo! GooooOOO SANTA!  AND no-one, for the second year in a row, went to the ER for stitches or broken bones.  This is a family record!   

Sooooo...  in 60 hours, Sage will be admitted to UNC Chapel Hill for an extended CF stay.  We sign in Monday am for a 1:00 PICC line.  Sage has that nasty AFB infection.  He cultured it 3 times in a row, 3 strikes, your out.  So we chose to treat it rather than wait till he got sick from it, and therefore harder to recover.  We will be in Club Med from Monday till at least next Monday the docs are thinking, depending on how Sage reacts to this very nasty antibiotic combo.  We expect he will go from his healthy crazy self to very sick pretty quickly due to the antibiotics.  You guys know, plan for the worst and hope for the best.  The goal is to be out before by birthday on 12/12 <3  This is the first admit that we will be on the "CF Wing" so we are hoping for some hospital freedoms because Sage is not on contact restrictions.  He will come home on IV's for 6 weeks...get a bronchoscopy, and confirm the AFB is gone.  We  have a pretty good shot at eradicating it, so fingers crossed and we would be thankful for any prayers over the next few weeks.

We are hoping he will be ok enough to go to school sometimes and not miss all of his basketball season.  Docs said to let him do as much "normal" stuff as he can.  Good :-)  He will need some normal.  He DESERVES some normal.

I will stay with Sage and bring my laptop and update lots, I hope.  I am on Facebook for those of you that would like to friend me...I can use all the buddies I can get since Sage will be hogging the TV with his video games in the room  :-P  SmileyEarthGirl or Danielle Louviere.  I will keep everyone posted.  Give thanks for Social Networking and hospital room Christmas lights (do you think I will get in trouble for that?)   LOL  Who cares....

Wish us luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Sorry to hear that Sage will be going into club med but a good thing you and the doctors are on top of it and treat it before it gets to bad....

  2. Dont forget the coffee and chocolate!

  3. I am looking forward to keeping up with you guys. Blogging...what a great idea!