Monday, November 29, 2010

Club Med, 5C15

We are here.  And so we begin.
We arrived at 10:30am, on orders that Sage can't eat or drink after 7am (we left 5 mins later).  The 3hr 10min. drive....then lugging 2-50lb suitcases + his vest compressor and pillow pet from the parking garage to the hospital entrance...only 7 city blocks away.  No problem (ahem).  Sage toted his 35 lb vest the entire way.  Super-Sage!  He actually couldn't wait to get checked into the hospital to rest...maybe we are on to something here....

Well, anyway, check in, get a room, unpack like it was vacation, meet and greet all the "not quite doctors", Nurses did their thing....then we waited, and waited....and waited.  The 1:00pm  PICC team finally arrived at 3:30, which was for Sage half past STARVING.  After 4 different failed IV attempts, I had to insist we call up the pro's from phlebotomy, and she had immediate success.  The PICC team took about 40 minutes to place the line with some complications, but with a lot more sedation than planned, Sage slept through most of it, with his little dog, Jellybean..  Waking up at 6:30pm, the only thing he wanted to do was play the Wii...and has been playing ever since.

 We chilled as he "recovered", and Sage was starving, so Mom slipped him a big piece of chocolate cake, which Sage in turn scarfed down in less than 3 minutes, all the while begging for dinner.  He ate: 1 piece of chocolate cake, 2 waffle fries, a scoop of mac and cheese with extra cheese, 2/3 of a 1/4lb cheeseburger, and entire jerk chicken breast, 1/2 a turkey sandwich on a kaiser, and one reeces peanut butter cup.....and he had noooo tummy ache.  What a good caterpillar he was.  So, as a reward, mom gave him a big balloon boo-boo bear and a new Glow-Dome...which is super cool by the way.

He sits here happy as a clam with the promise that he could play 100 hours of Wii if he wanted to, and I plan on sticking to that promise.  And, 1 hour after he ate all that food, poor kid is still hungry and wants some bacon.   OOohhhhhHHH...don't let me forget to tell all you CF care-givers about "Bacon.... in a BOX!" No fridge needed.  Just open and eat. This is the scariest and greatest science/food ever invented.

As he plays Wii Spiderman, I need to get a late night snack going, then spend some quality Monday night football time before Super Mario jumps mushrooms into the wii hours of the night.  Pun intended.
Happy Day 1 of our vacation in Club Med UNC Chapel Hill!  :-D
Mommy of Sage and Ellie


  1. Love the bacon in a box pic! That is awesome! Prayers for you and the Wii boy! I've been thinking about you guys all day!!

  2. You all bring tears to my eyes. Sometimes it's hard w/CF. Keep your chin up! You have amazing strength! Praying for you guys!! Get out of there and get home soon!!

  3. Awww sweet guy! Hope it's a short stay and the nasty bugs get out of that little cutie!
    Sending big get better hugs! Love, Christina & Gabe

  4. Don't you need to heat up that bacon?????
    Oh well, Sage sure looks good now. Must be the bacon cure.