Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st and 10

This weekend was filled with 1st's and 10's.

So Ellie Turned the Big 10 on Monday.  The official Tweener.  Double Digit Midgit. 1/2 of 20.  Yeah, she is growing up so fast, and becoming such a spactacular person.  I can't even tell you how lucky I am to have a kid like this.  She will always be my little girl. But yesterday, she showed me that she is growing into an outstanding young lady.

For the record, I really tried hard not to cry all day :-) I made it until 10:30pm when I got to thinking how fast they grow, how precious our time together is, and how I don't want to miss a thing....

So, for her Birthday she got a DSi from mom, a silly band necklace from Sage, some Monster High stuff and a really cool Kite from Louv, and a new flatscreen TV with DVD and clothes from Nana.

Today Ellie is 10 years, 1 day, and 4.5 hours old.  I am thankful for every minute.  I <3 U Ellie!

Now.....for the 1st's.....
I am stuck holding down the fort till Saturday, so I got up early as God himself to start Sage's morning treatments before school (normally Louv's job to give me and extra 1.5 hours of sleep).  So, we get finished, I am still half sleeping, but Sage is up and ready to sieze the day.   .....Ok.......
So, Sage...since we have 15 mins extra time today, how would you like to see the sunrise?
"sunset?" he asked...
"no buddy, the sunRISE"
"sun...RISE...?"  he asked....
"OK Mommy, let's GO!"
....and out the door he went before I could even argue with him to come back in until I had brushed my teeth.

So, Sage basically skipped, and I basically muddled across the street and headed for the beach, still in the twillight.  Sage thought this was the coolest thing.  Me being the anti-morning person was thinking how this wasn't cool at all.
We get there about 3 minutes before the first peek of dawn. 
Sunrise with Sage......

 Sage was right, this was VERY cool indeed.

This morning's first peek of happiness....

Sage actually stood still, watching the sun come up in awe of what he was seeing.....
The first thing he said..." where did the sun come from mommy?"  ..."From the other side of the world buddy"...."Wow, that's a long way to come just for today."  ...Yes, it is, but it's worth it, don't you think?"
And, that fast he was off playing in the sand.

And it was nothing short of spectacular.

So Sage, the genius that he is, wanted to touch the sun.  OK Mommy, that was REALLY cool!

And he played in the tropical rays of the sunrise.....  Sand in his toes, and salt water in his heart.

Today is a really good day, and I am so happy  <3
Thanks Mom...I love you.
And mom tried not to cry...again.

And so you see.  This weekend has been filled with 1st and 10's and lots and lots of happiness.  I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to enjoy these days with the best souls on earth.  I used to think my life was star-crossed.  Now I realize that all good things do come around eventually,
And now, it's my turn.....

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